Are you or a loved one addicted to Opiates?

Not sure where to turn next?

On Methadone or have questions about Methadone?

Our trained addiction specialists can help you with the process,
answer your questions or guide you towards sobriety.


The road to recovery is just
one step away

The Queen Street Treatment Clinic provides a Methadone Maintenance program to help people overcome their addiction to opiates. Although we are dedicated to encouraging abstinence from all mood altering drugs, a risk reduction model is at the core of our program.

Our highly trained staff and licensed Doctors specialize in Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry, HIV and Hepatitis C Treatment.

We encourage and support clients by offering a combination of counseling and Methadone treatment. Counseling is not mandatory, but when combined the outcome is far more effective.

We look forward to working with you during your recovery process and will gladly provide you with the resources that you may need to accomplish your goals of sobriety.

Please contact our intake manager
for an assessment


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Clinic Location

The clinic is located at 1194 Queen Street West.
The north-east corner of Queen and Gladstone. In the heart of Parkdale.